Hamtaro was acknowledged by Cartoon Network very recently, as seen in the image above there is a Hamtaro... statuette... thingy, I dunno what you call 'em. Figurine. Whatever. Point is, Cartoon Network haven't forgotten about Hamtaro. So there is hope. I'm not going to be all "HAMTARO IS COMING BACK GUYSSSS HYPEEEE!!!!!1!!!" because I don't know that. If it did come back, then I dunno what I'd do with my life. Maybe it means nothing for them, but it's awesome to know they haven't forgotten Hamtaro! There were also loads of people hyping in the comments of that post, which is pretty cool.

May I also mention that we've had more visitors on HHP forums today than any other day. I wonder why!

Maybe it will come back, though. You never know what CN have up their sleeve!

Stay hopeful, Ham-Hams!

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