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Hamtaro's appearance in the show

Tottoko Hamutaro Hai! is a short 5-minute series revolving around the 15 main Ham-Hams. It is animated differently from the original series, most notably, the head-to-body ratio is off, and it is also animated in 3D. It has also never been aired in English, but has aired in Italian under the title of Hi! Hamtaro: Piccoli Criceti Grandi Avventure. It has also aired in Chinese under the same name as the original series: Hamutailang (Hamtaro), as well as in Thai, Korean and Indonesian as Hi! Hamtaro: Little Hamsters, Big Adventures. It premiered on April 5, 2006 and ended on March 26, 2008. TV Tokyo previously aired reruns Wednesdays at 7:30 AM. As of April 2012, TV Tokyo has stopped showing the reruns. However, Spacetoon Indonesia still shows reruns on their Spacetoon 2 network.

There is a video game called Hi! Hamtaro Ham-Ham Challenge and in Japan, it is called Tottoko Hamutaro Hai!: Hamu Hamu Challenge! Atsumare Hai! in allusion to the series.


1 I'm Hamtaro!

2 Let's Play, Bijou

3 Boss and the Contest

4 Howdy and Dexter

5 Pashmina and Penelope

6 Maxwell Really Likes Books

7 Stan and Sandy

8 Cappy's Hide and Seek

9 What is Panda Making?

10 Wandering Jingle

11 Sleeping a lot like Snoozer

12 Rainy Day Fun

13 Flying with Everyone

14 Tanabata Festival

15 Searching for Fireflies

16 Playing in the Sea

17 Oxnard is Gluttonous

18 Happy Birthday

19 Brandy's Nap

20 The Ghost Comes Out

21 Hot and Cold

22 A Festival for Everyone

23 Climbing a Mountain

24 A Troublesome Big Brother

25 Rivals of Love

26 Who is the Offender?

27 Knitting Troubles

28 Eating Too Much

29 Playing with Acorns

30 Snoozer's Trip

31 Penelope Helps

32 Fashion Show

33 Facing Bijou

34 Panda Car

35 Pashmina Loves Knitting

36 Skating with Everyone

37 Boss's Secret

38 Meeting Santa Claus

39 Playing in the Snow

40 Playing with Kites

41 Boss is Sick

42 Pursuing Evil Footprints

43 Herbert is a Big Success

44 Energetic Pashmina

45 A Nervous Valentine

46 Snoozer and the Dream Trip

47 Carpenter Penelope

48 Pleasing Boss

49 Oxnard's Big Crisis

50 Riding on a Swing

51 Finding Spring

52 Searching for the Rainbow

53 Exercising

54 A Red Ribbon Present

55 Chasing Howdy

56 An Adventure at Home (Part 1)

57 An Adventure at Home (Part 2)

58 A Noisy Brother

59 Sparkle's Date

60 Broski

61 Laura and the Sunflower Field

62 It Got Replaced! (Part 1)

63 It Got Replaced! (Part 2)

64 Bijou Cannot Play

65 Howdy's Awful Reality!

66 Hasty Fighting

67 Unequal Fashion

68 Mole's Digging Ham Dream

69 Santa Hamtaro

70 Laura's Lost Property

71 Go! Robo-Boss (Part 1)

72 Go! Robo-Boss (Part 2)

73 Ogre Confronting Hamtaro

74 Scary Crow

75 The Floral Decoration is Passed

76 The Great Detective Hamtaro

77 Cherry Blossom Viewing



Japanese OP00:32

Japanese OP

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