S-S-Scary! Bravery Test! Season 5 Sparkle's Vacances

Tightrope Walking Together!

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Episode Number: 112

First Airdates

August 23, 2002
North America
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Plot Summary

The episode starts with Laura's Dad giving Laura tickets to go see a Circus show to which he says he should take Kana with her. Hamtaro hears this conversation and after finding out what a Circus is, takes the Ham-hams with him.

Once they return, we see Jingle with Herbert who is looking depressed. Thinking of how to cheer him up, Penelope thinks up the idea to make a Ham-ham Circus for Herbert to enjoy!

We then jump to Laura who is learning to ride a Unicycle but struggling to do so. Kana is also there to help and support her.

We go back to the Ham-hams who after failing most of the day, all (except Hamtaro, Bijou, Penelope and Pashmina) give up. Hamtaro then catches up to them outside the school. They then hear Laura's voice in the distance. Boss, touched by her determination, decides to return to the Circus training, ultimately leading the other Hams to carry on too.

Jingle and Herbert later return to watch the Circus the Hams put on whilst Laura succeeds in going longer than 10 Meters on a Unicycle.


Ham Hams:





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