Ticky-Ticky Park is one of the many locations in Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue that you can visit. This is where you can get the color blue for Prince Bo's magic rainbow-making umbrella.

Mini-Games in This Area

  • Balloon Pop 1-4 (Sandy)
  • Hopscotch 1-4 (Pashmina)
  • Bug Count 1-2 (Dexter)
  • Lilly Pad Row 3 (Stan)
  • Tip Top Treetop (Boss)
  • Can do! (Penelope)
  • Jump Rope Jam (Sandy)
  • Swing-set Jump (Dexter)
  • Karate-Ham Battle
  • Slip and Dodge (Hamtaro)
  • Pinecone Attack! (Oxnard)
  • Chicky-Chicky Battle

(More TBA)

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