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The Sweet Milky Way!

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Episode Number: 207

First Airdates

July 2, 2004
North America
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Plot Summary

Marron is outside at night, viewing the stars and wishing that she could catch one. Tomy-T and Eggy-P tell her it's impossible. The next day, Penelope is in Sweet Paradise and wants to get the sugar stars floating in the sky, but Pashmina tells them that they're up too high. Penelope takes Marron to Sweet Paradise, but when she arrives in the Sweet House, Lazuli mistakes her for a chestnut, which makes her angry. Penelope tries to calm Marron and Lazuli down. Marron then notices a sweet smell and runs outside to see Sweet Paradise. She thinks it would be a good place to plant vegetables and begins to use a hoe she pulled out of nowhere to cultivate the ground. This upsets Lazuli. Lazuli and Marron decide to see who can get higher up and get the sugar stars by building towers made of sweets, but they end up collapsing. Jingle shows up out of nowhere with Herbert and wants the two to get along. Herbert inhales a lot of the Sweet Paradise air and Lazuli sticks floating gum to him to make him a hot-air balloon, and she and Marron go up to catch sugar stars.



Other Hamsters:





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Reference Episodes


  • In the Italian dub, both this episode and 105 are called La via lattea (The milky way).
  • The sugar stars in Sweet Paradise's sky are the same as the Diamonds of Sugar in the episode of the same name. The only difference is unlike the ones Laura had in that episode, the ones in Sweet Paradise are edible for hamsters. This episode may be an homage to or redux of that one.
  • This episode marks Jingle's first visit to Sweet Paradise. How he knew about it and got there is unknown, since he wasn't with the other Ham-Hams when they discovered it and met Lapis and Lazuli in episode 194, and they were never shown telling him about it. It's possible it happened offscreen. Either that, or he just randomly wandered into Lapis and Lazuli's house and through the portal on his own.

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