Run, Pepper! Season 7 Bo and the Mammoth

The Mysterious Gift


Episode Number: 180

First Airdates

December 19, 2003
North America
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Plot Summary

It's Christmas! And Kana has already got her present early. A new Computer! Laura also asked for one, but her grades are too low to even think about it.

At the clubhouse, the Ham-Hams are getting ready. Oxnard tells Boss of a computer, to which he says can't exist, so they go and show him. Boss however drops it and loses a battery, causing Kana to think it's broken.

The Ham-Hams when hearing this decide to try and fix it, but nothing works. When Bijou realizes that something is missing, Cappy knows what it is, a battery! They go off to get one from his shop.

When they get back, Kana is already home and it is late, so all of the Ham-Hams needed to get home. Once Kana and her parents were gone; Hamtaro, Boss and Oxnard all go in to try and fix it. Oxnard also replies to the message Kana sent him earlier.

The next day, Laura comes over to inspect it. All is fine! Then they notice a letter from Oxnard. How did he send it?

They all sing off in true Hamtaro-Style Christmas with a song.

Merry Christmas!





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