The Animal Hospital Season 3 A Breath of Autumn!

The Knitting Craze


Episode Number: 72

First Airdates

November 16, 2001
North America
May 2, 2003
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Plot Summary

The weather is getting cold, and Laura decides that she is going to learn how to knit. Her first project: a hand-knit scarf for Travis! Meanwhile, in the clubhouse, Pashmina is teaching the Ham-Hams how to knit, too. Boss and some of the guy hamsters think that knitting is for “girls”, preferring to play outside, but Hamtaro wants to learn to knit so that he can make a warm scarf for Brandy. For Brandy’s sake, Boss and the other “guys” finally make up their minds to pitch in and help in the making of the huge, green scarf for Brandy! Laura has finished her scarf by now, but a huge misunderstanding ensues. Laura’s dad thinks that the scarf Laura made is for him! Laura has to put on a good act so that her Dad won’t know that she made the scarf for Travis…



Other Hamsters:





Reference Episodes

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