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3:44 PM GMT on May 12th, 2015

Hamha guys, Michael Here! I recently became an admin for the Forums to try and modernize what we currently have here and so far, it's going well! I have a list here that I plan to do and I will always keep you guys updated on what I have done and what will be done in the future! Anything completed will then be made bold as a reference point. Anything in Italics is a current project.

- Chatroom (Access from your own profile with a button to the right)

- Forums (Better then before!)

- Modern Forums (Rather than the old generic layout, I will add a new logo, and a new bacground. Jazz things up a bit!) Oh, and a new Wiki Theme!

- Fill the characters pages with lots of information that is relevant and true (With sources)

- A page counter (I want to be able to know how active these forums are!)

There is more to come that I will list out here! Any requests? Send me a quick message. I will respond ASAP!

- Michael

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Oxnard is a food-loving hamster, he is usually seen eating, and, like most of the hamsters, he is easily tempted by sunflower seeds, but seems to be more in a craze due to his large appetite.


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