Danger! Chicken Trio! Season 7 Potato's Warm Love

Sparkle is a Star!


Episode Number: 158

First Airdates

July 18, 2003
North America
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Glitter and Sparkle are recording for a feature film when Laura and Kana walk past. Sparkle states how terrible Glitter's acting is, but she takes the cut anyway, much to her disappointment. She goes to the clubhouse to talk to the other Ham-Hams about how Glitter's acting is limiting her skills. Hamtaro tells her that he has won academy awards for his acting with Laura which she goes along with, despite Maxwell trying to tell her that it was only in one of Hamtaro's dreams. He then also goes along with it all.

Maxwell writes different scripts for Sparkle to go through and she performs them, but Howdy says that she must conquer Comedy before she can be a star. She does a double-act with him and ends up fighting each other on-stage. All the Ham-Hams laugh except Maxwell who realizes that they actually were fighting.

They go back to the set to film the last screen. They had to cry. Glitter instead cries of a tooth-ache whilst Sparkle cries about the Ham-Hams ruining her day and giving her false skills.



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