Tightrope Walking Together! Season 5 Knight Hamtaro

Sparkle's Vacances


Episode Number: 113

First Airdates

August 30, 2002
North America
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Plot Summary

Glitter and Sparkle are back! And this time, they are recording another music video. Laura and Kana plan to go to the Swimming Pool as it's the last day of Summer Vacation. However, on the way, Kana decides to visit the park as she hears of the music video happening today.

We then jump to Hamtaro who is on his way to the clubhouse but spots the Ham-Hams perched around a bush. He finds out that Sparkle is back and once they finish recording, they all approach her!

Glitter gets confronted by Laura and Kana but tells them to leave. However, she realizes that she has to finish her homework, a mosaic of Diamond Mountain and that it would be a scandal if she forgot to do it. The girls however gets it confused with Trotting Peak.

The Ham-Hams then confront Sparkle. She then teaches the Ham-hams how to '-nano' properly but they fail after many tries. After realizing that she is socializing with them, she tells them to leave which the Hams do, looking quite down at this. She apologies and tells them that they needed to wait. We go back to the girls who are now in Sparkle's trailer. She tells them to do the work for her as she was too busy preparing for the next video.

The Ham-Hams spend most of the day chasing Sparkle around trying to befriend her, but with little success. She however does in the end give up and spends the remainder of the day with them. They take a ride on the Ham-Ham Express and when realizing that she has to do manual work, storms off away from them. She then confronts a cat to which the Ham-hams save her from. They then take her to Trotting Peak to see the view.

We go to the girls who now realize that Glitter has been using her. Travis then confronts her after finishing football and tells her that she needed to do her own Homework and that he'll gladly help. The Ham-Hams return to the Park and drop Sparkle off near her trailer. Has she befriended the Hams?


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