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Sparkle's Scandal

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Episode Number: 149

First Airdates

May 16, 2003
North America
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Plot Summary

Sparkle decides to move into the Ham-Ham Clubhouse as she is fearing a scandal. Hamtaro, delighted to see that Sparkle has returned, chased her and caught her in his arms when she fell into a flowering bush that a group of elderly people were taking photos of. Sparkle believes the elderly people were "cameramen", and that they caught her in an an embarrassing moment with Hamtaro acting as her boyfriend (as she struggles with her love for Hamtaro and doesn't want anyone to know about it).

While taking over the Clubhouse and moving into Boss' room, Sparkle requests a lot of rooms to be added underground. Hamtaro wants to make Sparkle happy, so he encourages the Ham-Hams to help her, and they all agree. But this causes everything to collapse as the tunnels made the ground unstable. Fortunately, the Ham-Hams catch Sparkle when she falls from the collapsing tunnels, and no one is injured.

The in the end, Sparkle decides to move out when she realizes her fear of a scandal was unfounded, and that she and Hamtaro should simply remain friends for now rather than date.



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