Brandy and the Rescue Team Season 5 Mimi's Christmas

Sparkle's Crush


Episode Number: 128

First Airdates

December 13, 2002
North America
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Plot Summary

Sparkle is once again back! But this time she is dropped off by Glitter at Laura's house. Hamtaro takes her to the clubhouse where they once again attempt to play with her.

She however meets Omar who is back in Japan whilst traveling the world. This time however, he is traveling on a Turtle. After realizing he is a prince, Sparkle forms a crush on him and announces that she was going to give up being an idol so that she could travel the world and get marries to Omar. She however soon returns as she didn't enjoy traveling with him.

Whilst she was away, Boss started to act like her and creepily transformed into her using her products and make-up.

When returning, Sparkle decides that she will again, be an idol for people.



Other Hamsters:




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