Cheerful Ook-Ook! Season 6 Cherry Blossoms, Please Fall!

Someone Likes Hamtaro


Episode Number: 141

First Airdates

March 21, 2003
North America
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Plot Summary

Glitter and Sparkle are back! Again! This time, they are performing in town. Kana and Laura meet Glitter back-stage for autographs, whilst the Ham-Hams are behind a crate meeting Sparkle, who autographs a leaf for Panda, Boss's hat, Maxwell's book and Howdy's apron. Bijou comes along and gets called an idol by the Ham-Hams, making Sparkle jealous. In order to get her own way, she tries to win the heart of Hamtaro.

First she tells him to go on a date with her, to which Hamtaro (who was randomly singing his own theme tune...) believes is just another word to play. He however gets distracted by a butterfly and runs off. Sparkle sees that he is always happy and develops a crush on him, the first time shes shown any affection to the Ham-Hams.

She tried to get marries to him, but this fails as it rains and Hamtaro takes her to see a rainbow.

To try and see him again, she gives him a note and tells him to be her king by meeting her in the same location, calling it 'Rainbow Mountain'.

Hamtaro appears and as she runs to him, so does the other Ham-Hams. For Hamtaro mistook what she said and literally came with the other Ham-Hams as Kings which they were cos-playing as for a new game. The Ham-Girls of course, princesses. This shatters Sparkle's heart.



Other Hamsters:




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