Seedric (ドングリくん, Donguri-kun) is a field hamster who appeared in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak and Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue.


A very shy Ham-Ham, Seedric lives in a little burrow in Sunny Peak. He doesn't like to be startled and is bothered when others mistake him for an acorn.

He loves to collect acorns, and even has a hat made of the shell. In the game, the player (Hamtaro) can trade acorns to him in exchange for 20 sunflower seeds each.



Cappy, who was under the influence of Spat, steals Seedric's prized acorn cap. Seedric is very upset, and Hamtaro and Bijou convince Cappy to apologize and bring the hat back once Spat is gone. He did, and Seedric forgave him. The two became the best of friends, sharing a common love for hats and caps.


In Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue, Seedric longs to meet another "nut" hamster like him after he hears rumors of there being one. This turns out to be Marron. He can only be invited to the Rainbow Theater once Marron is there. When they are both in Rainbow Theater, they are seen sitting next to each other and chatting.


  • His Japanese name translates to acorn.
  • Although he never makes an appearance outside of the manga and video games, he can be seen animated in a Japanese commercial for Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak.

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