This article is for Non-English Dubs. If you are looking for the scenes cut/edited in the English dub, please go to Scenes cut/edited in the English dub.

Arabic Dub

In Arabic-speaking regions, two variations of the dub are broadcast. One is a lightly-censored dub that was shown on Spacetoon along with the movies. However, there is an Islamic-based variation that removes the opening and replaces it with their own original opening, and many of the scenes are cut out leaving some episodes only 10 minutes long. Currently, many of the original series episodes are based around the religious dub, although Episode 25 (Merry Christmas!), surprisingly, was broadcast with minimal censorship.

Episode 266 - To fit with local views, Laura, Kana and Maggie have most of their bodies covered when they visit the beach.

Episode 296 - When the Ham-Hams sing at Oxnard and Pepper's wedding, all references to wedding bells and scenes with the couple walking down the aisle were removed, as they were deemed too romantic and not suitable for children.

In the final scene of Oxnard and Pepper's wedding, Herbert's nostrils are removed as people thought that Hamtaro was being sucked in by Herbert as he jumped into the air! The epilogue directly after this scene with Laura writing in her journal was cut, possibly because it was made obvious in the original that it was the last episode, even saying "The End". The Arabic dubbers may have not wanted kids to think the show was over.

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