Sabu (サブさん, Sabu-san) is a hamster who is often seen with a pigeon named Françoise (who is also his girlfriend). He appears in the series from time to time with different roles. Mainly, he's a seed vendor who feeds anyone he sees.


Sabu appears fairly infrequently in the show, but he has a bigger role in special episodes. He likes to rescue hamsters in need. Usually, he likes to rescue the ham-hams from cliffs so he uses his special pigeons to help. He is always ready to lend a hand. Sabu also seems to be close within Japanese culture, as he appears in many of the episodes when there is a piece of Japanese culture involved (Obon Festival, New Year's)



Sabu had a crush on Françoise long before she even noticed him. In order to get her attention, he made wings out of cardboard and attempted to fly alongside her, but failed each and every time. But one day, she was impressed by his efforts and the two seemed to have become a couple.



Boss admires Sabu greatly, even going so far as to call him "bro" in the original version. In return, Sabu acts as a sort of mentor to Boss, giving him advice. Sabu thinks Boss has no idea how to really "be a man" and convinces him that being a real man means showing your feelings and caring for your friends and family.


Hamtaro and Sabu first met briefly in Hamtaro, Please Come Home!. Sabu offered to help Hamtaro make his way back home with the help of Françoise. They reunited in the Happy Birthday Hamtaro Special, in which Sabu claims they're "very close friends". He is touched that Hamtaro is searching for his mother and begins to cry, then offers to help him once more.

Notable Episodes


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Japanese figure of Sabu

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