Let's Dance, Ham-Hams! Season 5 Tightrope Walking Together!

S-S-Scary! Bravery Test!


Episode Number: 111

First Airdates

August 16, 2002
North America
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Plot Summary

Laura and her class are to do a bravery test with the school, run by the principal. In the Clubhouse, Stan tells everyone of the Bravery test and how the girls are to fight ghosts to which Hamtaro and Oxnard are determined to help them.

Once at the school, The Principal tells everyone how people sometimes get lost in the school. Laura and Kana are then chosen first to go in. Once in the school, The Ham-Hams try to find the girls yet get scared themselves by the ghosts.

In the music room, trying to scare the Hams, Stan messes around with the instruments to scare the others. Stan eventually gets scared himself by a ghost and admits it was a lie. The ghosts are then revealed to be people in suits, including Dexter and Howdy's owners.







Reference Episodes

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