Rubrub room
The rub rub room appears in the game Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak. In the room, the player can polish rocks they find. the rocks can become gems, sunflower seeds, acorns, or they can just disappear after the player polish them. If the rock becomes a gem it can be made into jewelry in the accessory room, the ham-hams can wear it in the dressup room and can get a picture of them wearing the jewelry. There's all sorts of rocks, look below for the list of rocks.

rocks rarity
ammonite 1 star
banana stone 1 star
crystal 1 star
dino fossil 1 star
glass beat 1 star
amethyst 2 stars
berry stone 2 stars
feather stone 2 stars
garnet 2 stars
peridot 2 stars
storm stone 2 stars
sweet stone 2 stars
aquamarine 3 stars
cheese stone 3 stars
cube stone 3 stars
opal 3 stars
pearl 3 stars
topaz 3 stars
turquoise 3 stars
diamond 4 stars
emerald 4 stars
ruby 4 stars
sapphire 4 stars
ice stone 5 stars
peace moon 5 stars
rainbow stone 5 stars
sun stone 5 stars
uni star 5 stars
wave stone 5 stars

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