Radar (みみよりくん, Mimiyori-kun) is a hamster who appeared in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak and Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue. His ears and tail are somewhat long for a hamster, and he has rosy cheeks.


In the games, Radar is a cheery, bright-eyed reporter always looking to get the big scoop. He is best friends and partners with Drizzle, who serves as the weather-ham for his newspaper column.

In the anime, however, his personality is quite different. He's a scatterbrain, always late for something or another. In fact, he's often so busy worrying about being late that he forgets personal possessions and doesn't realise until long after. It also doesn't help that he has no sense of direction and completely forgets the way to places he's already been to before.

He's also unknowingly rude and not a good listener, mistaking Lazuli's house for a fancy hotel despite her many attempts to tell him otherwise. He also says she has a "weird face" and he mistook her for Championi, further angering little Lazuli. However, he means well despite his misgivings.



In his anime debut, Radar is a prince who travelled far and wide to get a wedding present for his fiancee, Princess Championi. He was extremely worried that he wouldn't be able to make it to the wedding ceremony in time and was distraught. He is often very distracted and one-track-minded, but once he hears anything about Championi, he snaps out of his thoughts.


  • His Japanese name translates to "Scoop" which could refer to his big, scoop-like ears. It also refers to the common reporter's term which means an article or an exclusive that no other source has reported about yet.

Japanese figure of Radar


In Rainbow Rescue

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