Pepper's Visit! Season 3 Laura is Really Gone!

Pop Star

Love Love Attack

Episode Number: 54

First Airdates

July 13, 2001
North America
April 13, 2003
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Pop Star (とっとこアイドル!くるりんちゃんTottoko Aidoru! Kururin-chan)

Plot Summary

A young pop star named Glitter has just enrolled in Laura's school. What's more, Glitter and her accompanying pop-star hamster, Sparkle, are scheduled to perform a live concert in town! The Ham-Hams invite Sparkle to come hang out with them at the clubhouse. But despite all the Ham-Ham's efforts to befriend Sparkle, she's a tough nut to crack. Meanwhile, the glamorous Glitter has her eyes on Travis, and Laura is sad and jealous. Will Glitter and Sparkle find a way to fit in?

Featured Characters


Other Hamsters:




  • There are two scenes after Laura writes in her diary that were cut out in a few of the Hamtaro dubs. The first scene shows Sparkle complaining about the Ham-Hams. The second scene is Glitter tearing down the transition from Sparkle's scene, swearing revenge on Laura Haruna for the events that occurred in the episode. The English, Spanish, and European Portuguese versions are missing this scene, but the German and Italian dubs retain it.


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