Pepper (じゃじゃハムちゃん, Jyajyahamu-chan/Jajahamu, Spanish "Pimienta") is a recurring character and Oxnard's love interest-later-wife. She is a rural, strong, independent and pretty hamster who has helped the Ham-Hams with various challenges.


Pepper is Kana's cousin Dylan's hamster. She lives on a farm, so she naturally likes farm related things like animals and plants. When she visited the ham-hams in the city, she called them "city slickers" and thought they were crazy for not doing things that she did there (like run onto the road, and ride a donkey in a building to name a few!) This may make her look really wild and crazy, but she cares about the ham-hams and Oxnard especially. She's also athletic with sports like snowboarding. She is extremely good at controlling animals of all kinds. Despite her beauty, she is smart and has a quick temper.



Oxnard and Pepper are official lovers. Oxnard first admitted his feelings in Oxnard's Big Crush. Oxnard loves her deeply, and she returns his feelings. In a later episode, Oxnard stays at Dylan's farm with her. In the last episode, episode 296, "Happy Ham-Ham Wedding! " Oxnard and Pepper return to the Ham-Hams to announce they are getting married, and invite every Ham-Ham they have met to the wedding, excluding ones only seen in the movies and OVAs.

Notable Episodes


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