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Pashmina's Present


Episode Number: 22

First Airdates

December 1, 2000
North America
July 4, 2002
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Pashmina's Present is the 22nd episode of the series and the 22nd episode of Season One.

Laura decides to buy a gift for Travis' birthday the next day. Seeing Laura trying to decide what to get, Hamtaro ignorantly proclaims to the Ham-Hams "It seems that tomorrow is the day to give a present to someone you care about". Dexter and Howdy each decide to give Pashmina a gift and both go to Hamtaro for help.


As Laura grapples with what to give Travis for his birthday, Hamtaro shares the information with his Ham-Ham friends and proclaims “It seems that tomorrow is the day to give a present to someone you care about”. Dexter and Howdy like this idea and each decide to give Pashmina a gift. They also each decide to ask Hamtaro what they should give her. Hamtaro is fairly hopeless so Bijou helps him out. Dexter and Howdy both get angry with him when they realize he is helping them both.

Laura decides to hand-embroider some towels for Travis, so Hamtaro suggests the boys also give Pashmina a hand-made present. At last they join forces and Dexter and Howdy make a cap and a pair of matching gloves. She couldn’t be happier with her presents, until sweet little Penelope steps up to give Pashmina some sunflower seeds.






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