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Panda 3

"I wanted to be a carpenter myself!"

First Appearance: Episode 3: Calling all Ham-Hams!


Owner: Mimi Iwata
Gender: Male
Species: Hamster
Date of Birth: April 8th
Eye Color: Grey
Height: 8.8 cm

Voice Actor

English: Jillian Michaels
Japan: Yuko Saito
Italy: Cinzia Massironi
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Panda (パンダくん, Panda-kun) is owned by Mimi. A Ham-Ham whose fur matches his name, he is the sweet and gentle-natured carpenter of the Ham-Hams who built and repaired many things throughout the duration of the anime as well as the in the games.


Panda serves as a carpenter for the Ham-Hams and not much else. He builds most bulky structures throughout the series. His most valued project is the Ham-Ham Fun Park (in Panda's Ham-Ham Fun Park!). Mimi's parents own and operate a woodwork shop in their house, meaning Panda always has access to construction supplies.

Major Builds

  • Ham-Ham Fun Park (#19)
  • The Ham-Ham Express (#97)
  • Sweet Paradise Fun Park (not confirmed to be Panda's work; also built between episodes, first appearance in #216)
  • Skyham's Hang Glider (#260)
  • Please finish this list!

Notable Episodes


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