Marron (ちびくりちゃん, Chibikuri-chan) is a Ham-Ham who appeared in Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue and some of the Japanese episodes. She likes nuts and is friends with Tomy-T and Eggy-P (she claims they're her brothers). She also seems to have a friendship with Penelope. Marron often comes across as stubborn and proud, and perhaps embarrasses herself when she can't perform physical activities, as she isn't very strong. She cares for the orchard as much as Tomy-T and Eggy-P do, but may find herself unable to do many tasks. Marron ends her sentences with "kuri~" meaning "chestnut".

She develops a friendship with Penelope in Marron's Autumn Festival when Penelope helps her pick herself back up and lays down sandbags (to stop a river overflowing) using Fukusuke. She seems to understand what Penelope is saying. They are also of similar height (very short), which is unique to most of the other Ham-Hams.

Marron is often called Chestnut because her Japanese name literally means "small chestnut", but since she was called Marron in Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue (video game), that is her official English name. Marron means "chestnut brown" in Spanish and French.

In Italian her name is Castagnina, a portmanteau of the word castagna (chestnut) and the name Nina.


Japanese figure of Marron

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