Pop Star Season 3 Boss, the Cool Ham of the Sea!

Laura is Really Gone!


Episode Number: 55

First Airdates

July 20, 2001
North America
April 14, 2003
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Laura is Really Gone! is the fifty-fifth episode of the series.

Plot Summary

Laura gets a bad score on a "surprise" quiz and as a result she is unable to get the CD player that her parents promised her. Upset, Laura storms out of the house and decides to run away. The Ham-Hams think she has run to join the circus. But on her way Laura runs into Maria, Bijou's owner, downtown and decides to follow her. They get on a bus and Laura ends up at Maria's piano concert! Meanwhile Laura's parents and the Ham-Hams are very worried about Laura. Is Laura ever going to come back?

Featured Characters


Other Hamsters:




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