Laura Haruna

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"I bet tomorrow will be even better, right Hamtaro?"

First Appearance: Hamtaro (Episode)


Owns: Hamtaro, Brandy
Family: Forrest Haruna (father)
Marian Haruna (mother)
Willow Haruna (grandmother)
Woody Haruna (grandfather)
Best Friend(s): Kana Iwata, Maggie O'Hara
Loves: Travis Kimura
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Date of Birth: December 15th
Eye Color: Brown
Height: Secret

Voice Actor

English: Moneca Stori
Japan: Haruna Ikezawa
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Laura Haruna (春名ヒロ子, Haruna Hiroko, Hiroko Haruna) is Hamtaro's cute and very pretty owner and the main human character. Laura cares for Hamtaro very much, just as Hamtaro cares for her. Several episodes involve the Ham-Hams trying to help Laura with whatever problem she is facing. She is best friends with Kana Iwata, and has a huge crush on Travis Kimura.


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