Jealous Hamtaro & Other Stories


Book Series
The Adventures of Hamtaro
Publication Date
October 1st 2003

Jealous Hamtaro & Other Stories is the third book in the series of Manga.


Meet the one and only original Hamtaro -- the inspiration for the hit animation series -- just as his creator, Ritsuko Kawai, first imagined him. This charming series of richly illustrated, classic children's tales follows our intrepid hero, hamster Hamtaro, from cage to pet shop to Ham-Ham Clubhouse to the great outdoors and beyond, where he always finds new friends, adventures -- and trouble!

In this entry, Hamtaro lives with a little girl named Amy and her dog. Everything is fine until Amy befriends the boy next door. Hamtaro can't help but be jealous of their friendship, but something unexpected happens. Amy's friend comes to visit with his pet hamster, and Hamtaro has a new friend of his own!



I have converted the book into a .epub meaning that it works on eBook readers! If you don't own one, you can download an app for your mobile device or run Calibre or Adobe Digital Editions.

To download the book, CLICK HERE.

~ All rights are reserved to VIZ Media, Ritsuko Kawai and any distributors of the book.

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