The Baby's Big Adventure Season 7 You're Arrested, Robo-Joe!

I Want To See You, Bijou!

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Episode Number: 168

First Airdates

September 26, 2003
North America
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The Ham-Hams are playing at their fun-park before they all decide to go home. Bijou promises to Hamtaro and Oxnard that she will meet them at the same spot the next day.

Before getting home, Bijou sees Princess outside but she slips and falls off the tree. Maria see's her on the ground and takes her in.

The next day, Bijou isn't there. Hamtaro, Oxnard and Boss goes to get house to see why. They couldn't find her, but Boss can smell her near-by, but is told he's probably imagining it.

When walking in the town, Kana tells Laura what has happened. This is overheard by Hamtaro and Oxnard who are shocked by this news. When reporting back to the others, Maxwell explains that she is in the house but is just ignoring them. Boss subsequently throttles him.

Hamtaro over the next few days tells Bijou stories of the Ham-Hams. Eventually, she gains enough courage to go out again.

The next day, Boss sits at the top of the tree to be the first to see her return. Bijou walks into the Clubhouse but finds it empty. She walks out again and sees the others out picking flowers for her. Questioning where was Boss, he had fallen asleep!






  • When Bijou has a flashback of the time she first leaves her cage, Boss and Cappy can be seen on the tree with the other Ham-Hams, even though they, along with Sandy, waited for Bijou back at the clubhouse in Come Out, Bijou!.
  • Stan is not seen during Bijou's flashback, this is because he joined the Ham-Hams after her.


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