The Very Best Present Season 4 Office Adventures

How to Rescue a Wedding!


Episode Number: 101

First Airdates

June 7, 2002
North America
June 12, 2003
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Plot Summary

The big wedding day has finally arrived! Charlotte and Mr. Yoshi are finally going to get married! But why is Mr. Yoshi pacing up and down the aisle by himself? Where is Charlotte? It turns out that she has locked herself up in the big barn on the Rooster family property. She refuses to leave if her father won’t attend the wedding. But we all know that the last thing Chairman Rooster will consent to is having his daughter marry Mr. Yoshi!

The Ham-Hams are already at Charlotte’s place, checking out the situation. They find Charlotte locked up, writing a letter to Philip to tell him that she won’t come to the wedding without her father’s good wishes. Hamtaro helps deliver the precious message to Mr. Yoshi, who is sick with worry. Hearing the news, Mr. Yoshi rushes to the Rooster home to get Charlotte. Chairman Rooster gives Mr. Yoshi a cold welcome, pointing a big cannon at Mr. Yoshi and threatening him to get away from Charlotte once and for all or else! But thanks to Hamtaro, something unexpected changes Chairman Rooster’s mind.





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