NOTE: This episode when dubbed into English was put at the end of Ham-Hams Ahoy!/Ham-Hams and the Treasure Hunt! as the original episode was deemed too dark (implied death of Hamtaro's mother) for the showing of US audiences.


Text on Screen: Part 2: Happy Birthday Hamtaro!

>>Bijou: Bonjour everybody!
>>Pashmina: Hello!
>>Penelope: Ookwee!

>>Oxnard: Today’s a special day.
>>Boss: YEAH!

>>Howdy & Dexter: Why, you ask?

>>Boss: Ya see, it's because...

>>ALL: Today is Hamtaro’s Birthday!
>>Bijou: That is right!
>>Penelope: Ookwee!


<Scene Transition>
[Group chatter in background]

>>Hamtaro: I think this calls for a Ham-Ham whopper of a song and dance!

>>Howdy & Dexter: In celebration of the two birthdays, let’s do the Ham-Ham Two-Step!

[Music Starts]
>>Howdy & Dexter: We’re Rivals, but we’re very good friends,
We’re rivals through and through, in everything we do!
>>Howdy: I do things differently from you,
>>Dexter: I always do things better than you,
>>Howdy & Dexter: Opposites, but great friends you see,
Come on won’t you dance with me...
Come on won’t you dance with me!

[Music Change]
>>Oxnard, Bijou, Hamtaro: Sunflower seeds can be together,
Whether it's sunny or stormy weather,
Helping each other whatever we need,
Everybody join the Sunflower Team!
La, la, la, la, la.

[Music Change]
[Pashmina laughing]

>>Penelope: Ookwee, ookwee, ookwee, ookwee, ookwee!
>>Pashmina: When I wear my special pink scarf,
I’ll be as happy as a hamster can be,
When I wear my special pink scarf--
Its very, very, easy to see,
You and I are meant to be best friend forever more,
We’re best friend forever more,
Friends forever more!

[Music Change]
>>Sandy: Twirling, whirling 'round we go,
Twirling high, and twirling low,
>>Stan: See the colors, how they, skip and flow,
Twirling 'round, and 'round, and 'round we go,
>>Stand & Sandy: Twirling fast, and twirling slow,
Twirling 'round we go.

[Music Change]
>>Boss: I am Boss, and everybody knows it's true!
I’m the smartest and best lookin' hamster around!
You got a problem? Bring it to me!
Yeah! And we can work it out!
So all you hamsters just listen to me, yeah!
Oh yeah!

>>Boss: It’s Ham-Ham time!

>>Boss: Oh I’m Boss and everybody knows that you can count on me,
I’m number one, if there’s a problem,
You can count on me,
You can count on me!
>>ALL: Yeah!

[Curtain closes]

>>Bijou: I just had my birthday on the tenth of July.
>>Hamtaro: Cappy and I were born August 6th, only one year apart!
>>Boss: My birthday’s in September.
>>Stan: Are Hamtaro and Cappy twins?
>>Sandy: No, we're just us!
>>Postie: There’s a birthday party every month with the Ham-Hams!
>>ALL: Yeah!

>>Hamtaro: We’ll save ya a piece of sunflower cake!
>>Bijou & Pashmina: Yay!
>>Penelope: Ookwee!

>>ALL: You’re invited to the party, come celebrate with us!

[Music Starts]

[Everyone cheering]

>>ALL: Happy Ham-Ham Birthday!
>>Oxnard: We’re all here for your special day!
>>ALL: Happy Ham-Ham Birthday!
>>Boss: You know with us, you’re number one!
>>ALL: Happy Ham-Ham Birthday to you!

[Hamtaro laughing]

>>Howdy: You just get better as the days go by,
That’s three hundred, six-five reasons why,
>>Dexter: We love you more and more,
That’s what we’re all singing for!
>>Penelope: OOKWEE!
>>Pashmina: Everyone knows, that you’re the star,
No matter what you do or where you are!
>>Penelope: Oookwee!
>>Cappy: You always make us happy,
We always have fun!
You’re our best friend,
You’re Number One!
>>Oxnard: Is it your laugh, is it your smile, is it that you’re happy all the while?
>>Bijou: I’m not sure, but one thing I know,
>>ALL: We’ll follow you wherever you go!
>>ALL: Happy Ham-Ham Birthday!

>>Hamtaro: I must be the luckiest hamster alive!
>>Oxnard: You know it!

>>ALL: Happy Ham-Ham Birthday!

>>Boss: We just gotta sing it one more TIME!!


>>ALL: Happy birthday Hamtaro!!

>>Hamtaro: Heke!

[At this point, a series of slides appears on screen with each of the Ham-Hams, their birthdays, and signs.]


Birthday: Aug 6

Sign: Leo


Birthday: Jul 10

Sign: Cancer


Birthday: May 3

Sign: Taurus


Birthday: Sept 21

Sign: Virgo


Birthday: Sept 16

Sign: Virgo


Birthday: Mar 3

Sign: Pieces


Birthday: Feb 18

Sign: Aquarius


Birthday: Oct 11

Sign: Libra


Birthday: Nov 5

Sign: Scorpio


Birthday: Jun 6

Sign: Virgo*


Birthday: Jan 14

Sign: Capricorn


Birthday: Apr 8

Sign: Aries


Birthday: Dec 12

Sign: Sagittarius

14. CAPPY**

Birthday: Aug 6

Sign: Leo

*Error in first showing, should be Gemini. **Cappy's slide begins with the camera panning towards a red saucepan, which he is under.

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