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Hamtaro of the Wind

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Episode Number: 135

First Airdates

February 7, 2003
North America
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Hamtaro of the Wind (とっとこかぜの! ハム太郎) is a 135th episode of Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

Hamtaro is planning to go out with Laura, but she leaves him behind. Finding out what has happened, Hamtaro heads out and follows her. He bumps into Jingle on the way. Jingle says that the reason he was left behind was because Laura was over him. Denying this, Hamtaro carries on to find out what was wrong. He walks into her talking with Kana saying that he was acting weird. Hamtaro feels depressed from this. Jingle approaches him, but Hamtaro collapses when he arrives.

Jingle helps Hamtaro recover, much to his dismay, and Jingle tells him what has happened. He convinces Hamtaro to leave her and join him in his travels.

They both end up in Maria's house, which is also where Laura, Kana, Oxnard and Bijou are. Jingle talks of some cape that gives the wearer powers and they both go look for it. Hamtaro however leaves Jingle behind and overhears Laura saying that he was left behind as he was feeling sick and so she made him a Blanket.


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