Hamtaro: Hero of Hamha Land

Hamtaro Hamha Hero pakwan008 SMALL

Book Series
Publication Date
- (Assumed October 13 2013)

Hamtaro: Hero of Hamha Land was a popular unofficial web-manga written by Joed Melon (pakwan008) and uploaded on DeviantArt between October 16 2009 and the last release on October 13 2013. It is unknown whether or not it will be continued.


Hamtaro is a hunter, and also the 'chosen one' to save the Hamha Kingdom. He meets Princess Bijou who takes him with her. Turns out Spat is currently burning down the village, Hamtaro decides to help them.

Fighting Spat, King Boss is knocked down, and after a fight with Hamtaro, Spat escapes taking Harmony as prisoner.

Hamtaro heads to the village to find out more about Spat, but ends up fighting a depressed and drunk Stan after the recent loss of Sandy.



You can read the DeviantArt comic by clicking HERE.

You can also download an eBook version by clicking HERE to read it off of an eBook Reader (such as an Amazon Kindle), using Adobe Digital Editions, or Mobile Application.

~ All rights are reserved to VIZ Media, Ritsuko Kawai and any distributors of the book.

~ I have obtained permission to create the eBook on behalf of pakwan008

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