This article is about the Game Boy Advance game. If you are looking for the television special of the same title, please go to Ham-Ham Games (Episode).

Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games

Hamtaro - Ham-Ham Games (US)

Developer: AlphaDream
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy Advance

Release Dates:

JP: July 15th, 2004
NA: July 27th, 2004
EU: July 16th, 2004

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Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games (とっとこハム太郎 ハムハムスポーツ) is a sports video game developed by AlphaDream and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance. It was released in Japan on July 15th, 2004, Europe on July 16th, and North America on July 27th. The game was released shortly before the 2004 Olympics that were held in Athens, Greece from August 13th to August 29th, 2004. This was also the final Hamtaro video game to be released on the Game Boy Advance, with future entries being on the Nintendo DS.


The game is split up into 7 days. The Opening Ceremony and the 100hm Dash are played on the first day. From then until the last day, three events are participated in each day. In the break time between the events players may guide Hamtaro around the various venues in search of Sunflower Seeds and other items. Players may also watch the TV at the Clubhouse, of which there are 4 shows, "Ham Requests," an all request radio type of show, "Ham Fortune-telling," a fortune telling channel, "Ham Shopping Network," a show where players can buy various costumes, and "Ham Studio News," a recap of the day's events. On the final day, the only event participated in is the Marathon.

The controls are different depending on the event played, however, each event also offers a practice mode, which is the same as the main event, however, the results are not counted against your team.


List of Events

  • 100 hm Dash - Hamtaro
  • Tennis - Bijou
  • Hammer Throw - Oxnard
  • Diving - Cappy
  • Beach Volleyball - Hamtaro (main player)/Bijou
  • Hurdles - Boss
  • Bird-back Riding - Penelope
  • Pole Vault - Pashmina
  • Carrot Pull - Hamtaro
  • Swimming - Oxnard/Boss/Pashmina/Hamtaro
  • Archery - Bijou
  • Sailing - Boss/Cappy
  • Triple Jump - Cappy
  • Synchronized Swimming - Penelope (main player)/Pashmina
  • Marathon - Hamtaro (main player)/Oxnard


There are several codes that can be entered in the hamha machine. Each one can produce some effects such as getting special friend cards or costumes. Here is a list of all of these codes with their effects.

  • "PD4F7AYL4" - Get a new costume
  • "AJCF73LX9" - Get Tater's special friend card
  • "YMGXC4ML6" - Get Malta's special friend card
  • "MHXYTW9H4" - Get Tater and Malta's special friend cards
  • "TPAUCNY37" - Get Lapis' special friend card
  • "V49GPMAUG" - Get Lazuli's special friend card
  • "YRFCPE63A" - Get Lapis and Lazuli's special friend cards
  • "V7G3PQRU6" - Get Mindy's special friend card
  • "TFD77WTG4" - Get a new costume
  • "Y6DJH4G7J" - Get a new costume
  • "H3FF9QW4R" - Get a new costume
  • "RE3QYW93R" - Get a new costume
  • "3NH4T7YYW" - Get a new costume
  • "HN99FC4RN" - Get a new costume
  • "NPUF9E6MP" - Get Hamtaro's special friend card (100 hm Dash)
  • "6DHY4QCPD" - Get Bijou's special friend card (Tennis)
  • "39UTPVJAW" - Get Hamtaro's special friend card (Beach Volleyball)
  • "AU3GMWN3A" - Get Bijou's special friend card (Archery)
  • "U9M3WNDFY" - Get Bo's special friend card
  • "9H3MAVHJJ" - Get Leo's special friend card
  • "MT79UVTJR" - Get Stripes' special friend card
  • "W49UTANVG" - Get Bunny's special friend card
  • "VYFW9MAQ9" - Get Warts' special friend card (1st costume)
  • "P74AHWHPT" - Get Warts' special friend card (2nd costume)
  • "TAWA4FM3X" - Get Warts' special friend card (3rd costume)

Additionally, other words may produce something (most of these words only work in english):

  • "Puntaros" - The machine answers "Howdy"
  • "Rainbow" - The machine answers "Girls"
  • "Hamtaro" - The machine answers "ハム太郎" (The same applies if you put in ハムたろう; you get Hamtaro.)
  • "Penelope" - The machine answers "Ookwee"
  • "スマイル" - The machine answers "0タネ"
  • "とっとこハムたろう" - The machine answers "はむはむぱらだいちゅ!"
  • "メカじろう" - The machine answers "Robo-Joe"
  • "The Ham" - Boss appears behind Hamtaro and says "Huh?"

Also, these actions will have effects during the following events:

  • Holding L before the beginning of 100hm dash will make Hamtaro run backwards.
  • Holding R before the beginning of Hurdles will make Boss compete with Snoozer on his back.
  • By pressing the directional pad during the Hurdles event, Boss will break the hurdles with his pickaxe (or shovel) instead of jumping over them.
  • By holding SELECT before the beginning of Synchronized Swimming, Stan will appear on the top-right corner of the pool during the event.


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