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"Ham-ha gang!"

First Appearance: Episode 1: Hamtaro


Owner: Laura Haruna
Best Friend(s): Oxnard, Boss, Bijou
Loves: Laura Haruna
Gender: Male
Species: Hamster
Date of Birth: August 6th
Eye Color: Grey
Height: 8.6 cm

Voice Actor

English: Chiara Zanni
Japan: Kurumi Mamiya
Italy: Marcella Silvestri
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"Hamha!" - Hamtaro

Hamtaro (ハム太郎, Hamutarō) is a male hamster and the main character of the anime Hamtaro. Hamtaro and his friends love to have fun. He has a great relationship with his owner, Laura. Bijou has a crush on him, but he doesn't seem to notice. Hamtaro is always there for his friends. It doesn't matter if it is Boss or Snoozer; he will gladly help.


Owned by Laura Haruna, Hamtaro is a Ham-Ham who's always ready to help out his friends and his owner Laura. He can't stand being ignored by Laura. He is often seen as the real leader of the Ham-Hams. Due to his innocent nature, he is clueless about many things, especially love, and it would appear that Bijou, Barrette, Sparkle, Lapis, and Oshare all have developed a crush on him. Hamtaro makes the most of his life as a small hamster and lives each day in happiness hoping to make more friends and to have fun. In the original anime, Hamtaro ends his sentences with 'na no da', a phrase often used by playful characters. This is changed to, "Hamha!", "Pakapaka", and "kushi-kushi" in the English version.

Hamtaro cares deeply about others. He loves to help his friends, and is very selfless and kind-hearted towards everyone he meets. He is also incredibly brave, as shown when he saves Penelope from a cat in one of the first episodes.



Hamtaro and Bijou are close friends, and Bijou has a crush on him. In some episodes it would appear that Hamtaro shows affection to her, and in another may have asked her out on a date, but Hamtaro is still too naive to notice her feelings. But in many episodes, Hamtaro had shown feelings for her as well. But it just means that he cares about his friends no matter how bad it gets.



Oxnard was the first hamster Hamtaro met after moving in to their new house, and the two have been best friends since. They were neighbors until Oxnard went to be with Pepper. Even their owners are best friends.


After Hamtaro met Oxnard, they both fell into a tunnel, after which they met Boss. Hamtaro looks up to Boss, as he is older and usually wiser than Hamtaro, and they are very good friends. Boss is jealous that Bijou likes Hamtaro, but Hamtaro doesn't really notice.


  • Hamtaro looks a bit like Kero, not only in appearance, but also in the relationship of friendship with his owner (Hamtaro/Laura and Kero/Sakura).
  • There are in fact many different Hamtaros for the Anime series and a different one in each Manga book!
  • As stated in the Happy Birthday Hamtaro Special!, Hamtaro shares a Birthday with Cappy. (August 6th)


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