Ham-Ham speak is the sub-language that the hamster characters speak on Hamtaro.

List of Terms and their meanings:

  • Atata Achaa-I can't believed it happened. Oh no, I have been had.
  • Badda-Badda-Sound conveying the thumping of running feet.
  • Bye-Q-Means good-bye.
  • Cappy-Cappy-The running sound made by Cappy.
  • Chick-ah-Chick-ah-Chick-ah-The walking or running sound made by hamsters.
  • Daba-Daba (or Dobo-Dobo)-The walking or running sound made by Boss.
  • Daplunk-Sound made when Boss jumps down from something.
  • Diggi-Duggi-The sound made when the Ham-Hams dig a hole, scratch.
  • Grooba!-A expression that conveys a lot of effort, putting your all into something.
  • Hablah!-The word Auntie Viv uses to express frustration, like "Nuts!" or, "Darn!"
  • Hamgoof-Sound used to convey disappointment.
  • Ham-ha!-A greeting. Encompasses expressions like "good morning" or "hello." The hamsters' version of the Japanese expression "oha--!"
  • Hamm-Hamm-Sound used when eating; but also used when hamsters are being petted.
  • Heke?-Sound made when surprised or confused or when hamsters discover something. Similar to ""huh?!""
  • Hif-Hif-Sound used when sniffing. (sniff-sniff).
  • Krrmp-Krrmp-Sound used to convey eating, like "munch-munch" or "crunch-crunch".
  • Kushi-Kushi-Sound made when hamsters are embarrassed or shy; or when they are cleaning/grooming themselves, or scratching their heads.
  • Ookyoo! (or Ookwee!)-The cute noise that Penelope makes. It's the only thing she can say.
  • Oopaa!-Enthusiastic sound used when hamsters see something they desire and take off after it.
  • Oowah-Sound used to convey sleepiness, like a yawn.
  • Ouchichi-An expression of pain, like "Ouch! It hurts!"
  • Paka-Paka-Sound used when a hamster takes a bite out of something. Crunchy sound.
  • Schmubby-Wubby-The sound made when the hamsters show their affection for one another. They rub together. The word used in the Japanese version, "SURI SURI," came from a Japanese word "Houzuri." It expresses ones affection for another. ('Hou' means cheek, 'Zuri' means to rub) It means "cheek to cheek" in English.
  • Shashaa!-A combination of 'Kossori' - quietly; secretly; stealthily - and Kakureru - to hide. The meaning is "to hide." Of course, it is cute.
  • Ticky-Ticky-The walking/running sound made by hamsters.
  • Wasa-Wasa-Sound Ham-Hams make when walking.
  • ZuZuZu-The sound of sleeping, like ZZZZ.

Ham-Ham Speak from Ham-Hams Unite!

Word      Meaning      Action

Bestest   Fantastic    Spins and jumps in joy
Bizzaro   Strange      Question marks appear over Hamtaro's head
Blahh     Tired        Falls down in exhaustion
Blanko    Forget       Looks upward and moves head back and forth
Blash-T   Angry        Screams and stomps foot
Blissie   Happy        Dances
Bluhoo    Sad          Bursts out crying
Blushie   Embarassed   Covers face in shame and blushes
Bye-Q     Good-bye     Waves happily
Chukchuk  Give up      Shakes head and sways
Clapclap  Encore       Stomps foot in happiness and raises arms
Cramcram  Study        Hold pencil and wears white headband
Delichu   Delicious    Stuffs cheeks with food
Digdig    Dig          Digs
Dingbang  Noisy        Covers ears as lightening bolts appear over Hamtaro's
Dundeal   Sell         Beats on counter while wearing white headband
Gasp-P    Oh-no!       Clasps face in shock
Giftee    Give         Comes out of gift box
Givehoo   Ask for      Extends hands outward
Goodgo    Good luck    Winks and waves
Gorush    Hurry        Runs in a panic
Go-P      Bathroom     Turn around and shakes
Grab-B    Get          Happily kicks outward
Greatchu  Great        Crosses arms, raises them upward, and then thrusts
                       them outward
Grit-T    Courage      Flames appear in eyes, jumps up, sticks arm out to the
Hamchu    Kind         Dances in a peaceful manner
Hamha     Greeting     Jumps up and waves
Hammo     Friend       Lays on back and waves arms
Hampact   Promise      Crosses hands over chest and moves head from side to
Hamsolo   Lonely       Scrunches nose and wipes tear from eye
Hamspar   Enemy        Flames appear over head
Hamtast   Perfect      Spins around and then thrusts out paw
Hamteam   Cooperate    Puts hands together and then shakes them on each side
                       of Hamtaro's body
Herk-Q    Poweful      Beats chest
Hiff      Sniff        Sniffs air
Hotchu    Hot          Turns red, sweats, and scrunches down
Huffpuff  Carry        Cheeks puff up
Hulahula  Lollygag     Moves as if hula dancing
Hushgo    Reveal       Rubs ear, causing water to come off
Hushie    Secret       Holds up sign with "no" symbol
Koochi-Q  Pretty       Widens eyes, slightly puffs out cheeks
Krmpkrmp  Eat          Stuffs food in mouth, causing cheeks to puff up
Lookie    Look         Eyes widen and looks around
Lotsa     Many         Multiplies several times
Meep-P    Regret       Eyes fill with moisture, turns around, and shakes
Mega-Q    Big          Makes wide arc with arm
Mingile   Play         Walks back and forth with hands extended and jumps up
                       and down
Nogo      No can do    Extends hands to side, shakes head
Nokrmp-P  Hungry       Sits down and rubs stomach
Nopibloo  Don't fret   Balls up hands and moves back and forth
Nopookie  Dislike      Runs around frantically with a lightining bolt over
                       Hamtaro's head
Noworrie  Relax        Collapse backward with a swiggly line over Hamtaro's
No-P      No           Crosses hands over chest
Oopsie    Sorry        Puts head down and sobs
Ouchichi  Ouch         Waves arm frantically with a huge bump on Hamtaro's
Pakapaka  Bite         Turns around and bites something
Panic-Q   Scary        Hair stands on end
Perksie   Listen       Ears fold down
Pooie     Uncool       Hands hang down
Pookie    Like         Looks over sholder, hearts appear overhead
Schooie   Climb        Climbs upward on four paws
Scrit-T   Scratch      Turns around and scratches something
See-tru   Invisible    Covers eyes and then turns clear
Shashaa   Hide         Spins around and hides behind a stone wall
Shockie   Surprise     Jumps up and screams in shock
Smidgie   Almost       Raises hands then thrusts them out
Smoochie  Love         Puts hand together, becomes surrounded by hearts
Soak-Q    Wet          Rain falls on Hamtaro
Sparklie  Delight      Jumps up and down in delight with arms raised
Spiffie   Stylish      Sparkles surround Hamtaro as he stands with one hand on
                       his hip
Stickie   Poke         Turns around and pokes something with a stick
Tack-Q    Roll         Turns around and rolls into something
Ta-dah    Show         Extends arms out
Teenie    Small        Scrunchs down
Thank-Q   Thank you    Jumps up and down
Tootru    Really       Nods head
Tuggie    Tug          Turns around and pulls on something
Twintoo   Identical    Two transparent Hamtaros appear
Wait-Q    Wait         Hamtaro taps foot
Whawha    Frantic      Runs back and forth spitting
Wishie    Beg          Kneels and clasps hands together with widened eyes
Wit-T     Funny        Sticks hands in mouth and then starts rubbing 
                       stomach and laughing
Wondachu  Wonderful    Brings hands down then turns to the side and winks
Yep-P     Yes          Puts hands on head
Zuzuzu    Sleep        Puts head on hands and shuts eyes

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