The second English Hamtaro theme song.


Hamha, friends! Let's start the show! Join the team! Come on let's go! Little hamsters, Big adventures Hamtaro!

He leaves his cage when Laura's away The Ham-Ham friends all want to play But someone needs our help today Hamtaro!

H-A-M-T-A-R-O He's the star of every show H-A-M-T-A-R-O

What's the word? Someone's in trouble? To the Clubhouse on the double! We'll make a plan and lend a hand Hamtaro!

It's [ticky-ticky, badda-badda] time to run We'll [kushi-kushi, diggy-duggy] get the the job done [Hif-hif, khrmmp-khrmmp], all we need Is our favorite food-sunflower seeds!

H-A-M-T-A-R-O We'll work together, this I know H-A-M-T-A-R-O

Everybody's favorite friend His little paws he'll always lend We'll be together 'till the end Hamtaro! [kushi-kushi, badda-badda] [oopah, diggy-duggy] [hif-hif, ticky-ticky] HAM-TAR-O!


It was included on YTV's Big Fun Party Mix 4 CD, exclusively released in Canada near the end of Hamtaro's English broadcast.


  • This theme was rarely aired on original broadcasts of second season episodes in the United States on Cartoon Network, instead removed and replaced the show's first season opening sequence and song. In rare cases, Cartoon Network accidentally aired both sequences.

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