Boss, the Cool Ham of the Sea! Season 3 The Fresh Summer Breeze!

Ghost Mountain!


Episode Number: 57

First Airdates

August 3, 2001
North America
April 16, 2003
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Ghost Mountain! is the fifty-seventh episode of the series.

Plot Summary

Laura and Kana go to visit Mr. Yoshi's family in the mountains. As it turns out, Mr. Yoshi's mom is a great storyteller! The girls listen to her recount the tale of two ghosts, Harry and Ernie, who used to hunt hamsters on the mountain. But in the end, one day, Harry and Ernie didn't come home, and so now their ghosts are said to still wander the mountain. On the way home, Laura and Kana get lost in the woods and night falls. To make things worse, they lose Hamtaro and Oxnard! Two scary shadows are approaching--are they the ghosts of Harry and Ernie and are they still hunting hamsters?

Featured Characters


Other Hamsters:






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