Bijou's Favorite Ribbon Season 1 Hamtaro, the Super Sleuth!

Get Well, Laura


Episode Number: 16

First Airdates

October 27, 2000
North America
June 25, 2002
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Get Well, Laura is the 16th episode of the series and the 16th episode of Season One.

After Hamtaro wakes Laura up in the night, she doesn't feel well. Boss develops a "stomach ache" and the Ham-Hams raid Laura's refrigerator for yogurt. While at PE class, Laura passes out and returns home early with a cold. Hamtaro blames himself for making Laura sick.


Laura isn’t sleeping well these days because her energetic hamster Hamtaro is playing in his cage after hours. Meanwhile in the Ham-Ham Clubhouse, Boss has developed a stomachache. The wise Maxwell suggests that Boss eat some yogurt for his belly. But when they go to Hamtaro’s to get some, Hamtaro forgets where it is.

While the hamsters are raiding the refrigerator, Laura gets sent home from school with a cold. The Ham-Hams want to help nurse her back to health, and they decide they can cure her fever with a cool leaf that they place on her forehead. When she wakes up, her cold is gone, but she thinks she dreamt the whole thing. She could swear that she was being taken care of by lots of little hamsters.






  • When Sandy says, "He's (Boss) out of it," Stan's mouth moves to it instead of Sandy's.


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