Hamha-Man the Justice Hero Season 11 It's Art, Sandy!

Fired up! Sports Day

Episode Number: 272

First Airdates

October 7, 2005
North America
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Plot Summary


Ham Boys:

Captain: Elder-Ham

  1. Hamtaro
  2. Boss
  3. Oxnard
  4. Howdy
  5. Dexter
  6. Stan
  7. Panda
  8. Cappy
  9. Maxwell
  10. Snoozer
  11. Sky-Ham

Ham Girls:

Captain: Auntie Viv

  1. Bijou
  2. Sandy
  3. Pashmina
  4. Penelope
  5. Lapis
  6. Lazuli
  7. Okini
  8. Mystery
  9. Magical



  • Jingle is absent for the rest of the Team.
  • The winner of the Competition is the Ham-Girls.


See also: The Sports Competition!/Gallery

Reference Episodes

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