Snoozer and Turtly Season 6 Taking Care of Our Greeny

Finding the Flower in the Rain


Episode Number: 152

First Airdates

June 6, 2003
North America
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Plot Summary

It's raining but Laura has a new raincoat! She and her mum are planning to go out to see a few hydrangea flowers that are growing.

Hamtaro heads to the clubhouse, but only a few Ham-Hams are there due to the rain. Hamtaro tells them of where Laura is going and so the Ham-Hams go there too.

Penelope (who wanted to go the most) realizes that Pashmina wasn't there and starts to feel sad. That's because she has just arrived at the Ham-Ham Clubhouse with Dexter and Howdy. Fearing that she could be in danger, Pashmina heads to try and find her. As she leaves, Snoozer tells her where the Ham-Hams were headed. She leaves in a rush.

Pashmina finds Penelope and the Ham-Hams in trouble as they are surrounded by frogs. She comes and assists them by being bait. This works and they all are free. They eventually get to the hydrangea flowers!


Hams Hams:



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  • Penelope is the first time that we see a Ham-Ham wear any form of footwear

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