The song played at the end of every Hamtaro Episode dubbed in English.

Hamtaro - Die Ham Ham Gang (Karaoke Version)

Hamtaro - Die Ham Ham Gang (Karaoke Version)


Snoozer, Penelope, Panda, Howdy, Oxnard, Bijou & Boss let’s go!

Zersnoo,(Snoozer) Pepenelo,(Penelope) Sobs,(Boss) Dapan,(Panda) Dyhow(Howdy) Nardox(Oxnard) Joubi(Bijou) & Hamtaro!

Hamster, Ham-Ham, Ticky Ticky, Kushi Kushi

Sunflower, Khrrmp Khrrmp, Hamtaro!

Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya ooh, la la la

Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya ooh, la la

Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya ooh la la la

Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya ooh, la, la ya

Let’s make a wish ooh, ooh

Make it come true

Singing along with us is all you do!

Come on and do your very best, ooh, ooh

Get a hundred on your test

All of your dreams will come true

Come on and . . .

Sing this secret spell it's just for you

Think of all the luck we’ll bring

Hamtaro will know just what to do

This will be our song, come on and sing . . .

Snoozer, Penelope, Panda, Howdy, Oxnard Bijou & Boss let’s go!

Zersnoo, Pepenelo, Sobs, Dapan, Dehow Nardox Joubi & Hamtaro!

Little Hamsters, Big Adventures

Ham-Ham, Hamtaro!


You can download the song here.

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