Office Adventures Season 4 The Tale of Princess Bijou

Clubhouse Intruders


Episode Number: 103

First Airdates

June 21, 2002
North America
June 23, 2003
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Plot Summary

Hamtaro hears that Laura and her classmates are having an evacuation drill at school. When he tells the other Ham-Hams, they decide that it would be a great idea to practice evacuating from the Clubhouse, in case of an emergency! And what luck! Panda happens to be in the process of digging a series of escape tunnels in preparation for floods. So the Ham-Hams go exploring in Panda’s new tunnels, mapping their emergency exits out of the clubhouse.

Stan is too lazy to go along, so he stays in the clubhouse to take a nap. But when the Ham-Hams return, they have unwanted visitors! Panda forgot to fill in the hole that leads to Charlotte’s gardens, and the Chicky-Chickies have come in and invaded the Clubhouse. And oh no! Stan’s still in there! Luckily, the Ham-Hams are there to rescue him, and the carefree Stan is about to learn that he needs to be serious every once in a while!






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This episode's original name was "The Clubhouse is Stolen!"

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