A Christmas song sung by the Ham-Hams.
Ham Ham Christmas song01:44

Ham Ham Christmas song.


Hamtaro: There's a magic in the air

Boss: That only comes at Christmas

Bijou: You can see it everywhere

Oxnard: Uh, where? I don't see it.

Cappy: There's a feeling in the air

Maxwell: That Santa Claus is coming

Sandy: You can feel it everywhere

Boss: Ho ho ho ho ho!

Panda: Children laughing, music playing

Stan: People everywhere

Oxnard: Saying Merry Christmas, how are you?

Hamtaro: Merry Christmas!

Jingle: How are you?

Dexter: Happy family, smiling faces

Howdy: Everywhere you go

Pashmina: They all join in to sing this Christmas song

All: A very merry Christmas to you! (Merry Christmas!)

A very merry Christmas to you!

A very merry Christmas to you! (Laura: Look outside!)

Yes, a very merry Christmas to you!


You can download the song here.

NOTE: I do not own ANY part of Hamtaro. Full credit to Ritsuko Kawai, Viz-Media and any of Hamtaro's Distributors. We are just here to keep the Hamtaro Fanbase alive for people to enjoy!

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