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Boss is a field hamster, he is the self-proclaimed leader of the Ham-Hams, Boss has a huge crush on Bijou and gets angry at anyone who begans to show interest in her. He often tries to look like he knows everything, only to have it backfire in his face. He has a bit of a temper, but he is very dependable, courageous, and nice, even shy at times. Because he is a field hamster, he is more familiar with nature, and is more independent compared to the other Ham-Hams. He has even developed a field hamster sense that tells him what kind of weather is approaching. However, he cannot deal with the sea as he is prone to sea sickness.




A Ham-Ham whose fur matches his name, he is the sweet and gentle-natured builder/carpenter of the Ham-Hams who built and repaired many things throughout the duration of the series. He also designed the Ham-Ham Fun Park. Mimi's parents own and operate a wood working shop in their house, meaning Panda always has access to construction supplies.



An adorable little white hamster who is close friends with Hamtaro. Boss has a huge crush on her, but she doesn't really seem to notice. She is caring, sweet, but can be a bit overbearing and touchy. Bijou is sensitive and it is best not to make her upset. However despite all of these qualities she will set aside everything to help Hamtaro and her friends. At times Bijou can be brave and resorceful. Overall this ham-ham is a good companion. She has an enormous crush on Hamtaro.



A female hamster who "valley-girl" is her social and athletic ways. She keeps the Ham-Hams on their toes with her sporty style all the while keeping a close eye on her flirtatious twin brother, Stan. She has a big crush on Maxwell.


Stan 2

Twin brother to Sandy, he is both flirtatous and rhytmic with his maracas. Stan is an active ham-ham who loves to move to spicy beats. A bit of a popular catch never can there be a dull or understimulating experience while courting with this casanova. Sandy, his younger twin sister, is often annoyed with his flirtatious attitude (especially towards her female ham-ham friends) and is often forced to keep him in line. 

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