Japan: 2013 - 2015:

Spain: August 4, 2014

  • Only the first 25 Episodes ran in Spain (Disney), before repeating them and stopping.

US/UK/AU (Disney XD): May 20, 2015 - present

  • After contacting Disney XD, they have stated that there is no word on Hamtaro appearing on the British or American Disney XD. Apparently however, the customer service guy has 'Passed this on to [their] programming department.'

US/UK (Cartoon Network): August 12-13th 2015

  • Rival channel Cartoon Network have possibly hinted at a return for Hamtaro with a post to their social media which includes a Hamtaro figure next to some of their best-rated shows.
  • All uploads featuring Hamtaro episodes on YouTube have been claimed and removed alongside the account associated. Claims made by ShoPro Entertainment (producers)

Spain (2015-present)

  • Episodes of Hamtaro in Spanish ran on Toonturama (a channel owned by UniMás) from 2015.

Guatemala and Chile (2016-present)

  • The Guatemalan channel Trecevision is showing Hamtaro in Latino currently.
  • The Chilean channel VTV shows Hamtaro in Latino at 11 AM (Chile time), which is 9 AM Eastern time in the US. If you want to watch/record it when it's on, here is the channel stream:

US (Qubo channel): TBA

  • Qubo plans to air Hamtaro after 5 new on that channel. [citation needed]

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