Laura is Really Gone! Season 3 Ghost Mountain!

Boss, the Cool Ham of the Sea!


Episode Number: 56

First Airdates

July 27, 2001
North America
April 15, 2003
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Boss, the Cool Ham of the Sea! is the fifty-sixth episode of the series.

Plot Summary

It's summertime, and Laura and her family are going to the beach so that Laura can show off her new swimming skills. Of course, the Ham-Hams tag along too and Boss is all excited to show Bijou his dashing sailing prowess. But once out on the water, Boss gets seasick and as he hits the floor of the boat, the hull cracks. Bijou and Boss are in trouble, but hamsters can't swim! How can Boss and Bijou be saved?

Featured Characters


Other Hamsters:





Reference Episodes

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