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Bonjour, Oshare!

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Episode Number: 190

First Airdates

March 5, 2004
North America
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Bonjour, Oshare! (とっとこボンジュール! おしゃれちゃん, Tottoko Bonju^ru! Oshare-chan) is the 190th episode of Hamtaro.

It was never dubbed in English.

Bijou's French friend Oshare is visiting, and Boss begins to have a crush on her. Who will Boss choose? Bijou or Oshare? 

Plot Summary

Maria's friend from France is coming over today! She goes with Laura and Kana to meet her.

Back at Maria's mansion, she gifts them with perfume. Maxwell also teaches the Ham-Hams basic French to greet her Hamster.

The Ham-Hams meet Oshare. However, she is not interested! The thought Japan would be more Samurai and classic. Thanks to Boss, she walks out.

Boss however has now changed more into a Samurai, what Oshare wanted in the first place. This causes her to follow him all day, through Sumo wrestling and Samurai fights.

In the end, Boss feels as if she wants to go out with him and join her in France. However, she instead points out that he has helped her feel closer to whom she was going out with already, Shinsaku. This leaves Boss relieved, yet heart-broken.



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