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Bijou's Memorable Picture Book


Episode Number: 132

First Airdates

January 17, 2003
North America
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Plot Summary

Laura and Kana go over to Maria's house to listen to her music. When playing, it starts to snow outside and Maria stops as it reminds her of her childminder from when she was younger. She says how she misses her and they would like to meet, but all her letters are returned as her address has changed.

Bijou then states that she will go and find her so that Maria can be happy again. Hamtaro agrees to follow.

Not knowing where to go, the Ham-Hams see Jingle who says that he knows where she is, to which like usual, he doesn't. Instead, he says that they should find Sabu who will know.

When asking Sabu, he says that he doesn't know, but Françoise does, so Hamtaro and Bijou ride her to the town. She however, is blown off course and has to land due to the blizzard. Hamtaro and Bijou take a car the rest of the way.

At the town, they see the church tower and then find Maria's childminder. They leave the letter outside her house and the next day she heads off to their mansion. They both are reunited.



Other Hamsters


Other Animals:


  • We find out where Bijou gets her name from
  • The airport is named Hariyama Airport which is a non-existent place


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