What Will Become of the Clubhouse? Season 5 Troublesome Nin-Ham

Autumn, Mom's Style


Episode Number: 124

First Airdates

November 15, 2002
North America
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Plot Summary

Goldie and Zack have an argument over going on a tip to Trotting Mountain as Goldie is always thinking about work and money. Because of this, Howdy says that he wants to find a gift for Zack to make him feel better. The Ham-hams (who were already planning to go to Trotting Mountain) decide that they would go and help find the gift.

The Hams whilst on the Ham-Ham Express decide that it would be best for them all to find a mushroom to make him feel better. The all split up to find one.

Howdy does find a mushroom, but he is stopped by Dexter as he remembers that red mushrooms are poisonous and would probably kill him if he tried to get it. He does find Howdy but trying to grab a Mushroom. Howdy inhales a lot of it and doesn't stop laughing.

Curtis tries to calm Zack down by taking him to Trotting Peak whilst Goldie carries on her work.

When Howdy finds a second Mushroom, he takes it with him, but gets attacked by a bird to which he states he'd rather die than drop it. Dexter helps him fight off the bird.

Once getting to safety, Maxwell informs the others that ALL Mushrooms on Trotting Peak were poisonous and that it would be too dangerous for them to take with them. Feeling down, Howdy thinks of a different gift to give Zack, a Chestnut!

When getting to the tree, the Hams spot Zack and Curtis below and they shake the tree for them to get the Chestnuts. They then both spot the gift that the Hams left for them.

They all head back to Goldie's shop to which she sells the Chestnuts that Zack got for her.






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