Auntie Viv (おハムばあさん, Ohamubā-san) is an unusually fit elderly hamster with an attitude. She used to be involved with Elder Ham, and maybe still is.


Auntie Viv will appear randomly in the show. Even though she's old, she loves doing things like snowboarding or skateboarding. She is sometimes "wild". But, she is kind and sometimes will give the Ham-Hams free advice.


Elder Ham

Auntie Viv has a complicated, off-and-on relationship with her long-time friend Elder Ham. During their youth, they were a couple, and traveled the world together. However, according to Elder Ham, she apparently turned down his marriage proposal for reasons unknown. She still harbors romantic feelings for him, and he seems to as well.

This does not stop them from getting into the occasional heated argument. Otherwise, the two seem to be on very good terms with one another, and enjoy each others company.



Auntie Viv first met him in The Amazing Auntie Viv, where they both race each other in the spring marathon. Their competitive natures clash and they instantly become formidable rivals. During the race, the two run alongside one another for most of the way. But after Auntie Viv trips and becomes too tired to continue, Boss comes back to help her to the finish line. The two become fairly close after that, with Boss viewing her like a grandmother. Whenever Auntie Viv needs help, Boss is more often than not the first one to offer assistance.

Notable Episodes


  • Was once the pet of "a Captain".
  • In Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite! there is a hamster that is identical to Auntie Viv, who lives in Acorn Shrine. She is very talkative and has a son.
  • She seems to be the only character outside the videogames to use "Bye-Q" when saying goodbye.


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